Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

IPC 2010 Berlin Wifi fix

1. Download:

2. Extract archive

3. open a shell and change to root (pw intellibook): $sudo su

4. $make

5. $make install

6. $modprobe r8192se_pci

7. That's it!

Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

HowTo install ZendDebugger for PHP 5.3.1 and 5.3.2 on Linux

This article is deprecated. Please refer to HowTo install ZendDebugger for PHP 5.4 or PHP 5.5 on Debian

If you try to download a current build of the ZendDebugger from you probably get the following error:
Zend Debugger requires Zend Engine API version 220060519.The Zend
Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer.Contact
Zend Technologies at for a  later version of Zend Debugger.
This happens because there is no Build for PHP 5.3.2 or 5.3.1 available.
But if you take a look at the Zend Server release notes you will see, that Zend Server is shipped with PHP 5.3.2 and an enabled debugging runtime environment.

So if you use debian or ubuntu you can simply add the Zend-Server deb repository to your apt/sources.lit

  1. copy the following line into /etc/apt/sources.list
    deb server non-free
  2. update your local package list:
    $: sudo aptitude update 
  3. install the debugger
    $: sudo aptitude install php-5.3-debugger-zend-server 
  4. The ZendDebugger is now located under /usr/local/zend/lib/debugger/php-5.3.x/
  5. Now create a new ini file under /etc/php5/conf.d/ and add the following lines:
  6. call the following command in your console to see if everything works:
    $: php -i | grep "Zend Debug"
    Output: "with Zend Debugger v5.3, Copyright (c) 1999-2010, by Zend Technologies"